Double-sided Bonding Tape

General Purpose Tapes

Double Sided Exhibition Carpet Tape with N.E.C. Approval

A Double Sided Hand Tearable Carpet Tape with high tack removable adhesive which holds carpets in place and leaves no residue on removal. Ideal product for temporary applications such as exhibition hall floors.

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General Purpose Double Sided Cloth Tape

Very sticky! This tape consists of an agressive rubber adhesive coated onto a cloth carrier giving a strong product ideally suited for general purpose applications in the construction industry and fixing of carpets.

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Permanent/Peelable Fingerlift Double Sided Tape

A 12 micron clear biaxially oriented polypropylene film coated on the open side with a high tack permanent pressure sensitive adhesive while on the closed side is a low tack removable adhesive. Typical Applications: This product is...

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Double Sided Filmic Tape

A heavy coated (40/45 g) Hot Melt adhesive on a white Polypropylene carrier. (30 micron) with a White Glassine (80 g) Release Paper. This is a superb Hot Melt product with High Tack, which is used with a White Polypropylene carrier to...

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Double Sided Tissue Tape with Flush Edge

A very popular general purpose, hand tearable, double sided tissue tape coated on both sides with a very high tack hotmelt adhesive. This product is recommended where a high adhesion level is required on uneven surfaces and UV light and...

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