3M® 1181 Copper Electrical Tape 12mm x 16.5m


3M™ Copper Foil Shielding Tape 1181 has a 1.4-mil smooth copper foil backing with a conductive acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and liner.

The unplated copper with conductive adhesive is a common EMI shielding tape for non-corrosive conditions.



Dead-soft 1-ounce copper foil backing  - for good shielding effectiveness, soldering and converting (slitting and die-cutting).

UL recognised flame-retardancy per UL 510 - for applications needing this property.

Conductive particles in the adhesive - provides low contact resistance between the substrate and the backing to drain static charge.

Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive - has good resistance to heat, oxidisation, solvents and oils.

Removable liner - makes it easy to handle and die cut complex shapes.

12mm x 16.5m