High Bond Powder Coat Tape - 19mm x 33M

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A heavy duty acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive tape capable of operating at the high temperatures of 200°C+ used on bare metals prior to powder coating and oven-stoving




o Use on bare & metals prior to powder coating and oven-stoving 

o Suited to automotive & electronics applications 

o Also suited to glass, acrylic or polycarbonates. 

• Signage: 

o Virtually impervious to UV, temperature, ageing or chemicals. 

o Ideal for durable, long-lasting signs in the harshest environments 


Features & benefits 

• Can replace spot welds or mechanical fasteners 

• Ultra high sheer and high cohesion – ensuring the tape (and bond) remain strong under stress 

• Resists vibration, impact or shock 

• High solvent resistance 

• Interior or exterior application 

• Excellent UV resistance 

• 1.1mm thickness Grey/Black tape with red filmic liner