Double-Sided Acrylic Foam Tape - 25mm x 1.1mm x 33M

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Double-sided, heat resistant tape you can rely on for the most demanding, performance critical tasks.

On textured or uneven surfaces, powder coating, temperatures of up to 260°C*, exposed to full sunlight or chemicals  D/S Acrylic Foam Tape stays strong.



Manufacturing: Use on bare metals prior to powder coating and oven-stoving.

Signage: Virtually impervious to UV, temperature, ageing or chemicals.

              Ideal for durable, long-lasting signs in the harshest environments.


Features & benefits

Accepts powder coat

Can replace spot welds or mechanical fasteners

Ultra high sheer and high cohesion – ensuring the tape (and bond) remain strong under stress

Resists vibration, impact or shock

Good solvent resistance

Interior or exterior application

Suitable for plasticised PVC but not low surface energy plastics 

1.1mm thickness Grey/Black tape with red filmic liner