Finenet FN 915 Velour Discs

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Net, foam-laminated and velour backed


Product Benefits

  • Adapts very well to contours and small radii
  • Low clogging means a long tool life
  • Very fine sanding pattern and consistent roughness values
  • Dust-reduced sanding reduces the number of postprocessing steps
  • Can be used universally: manual or mechanical sanding, wet or dry
  • Dry sanding: Dust extraction through the disc is possible, foam layer absorbs sanding dust and reduces dust residues
  • Wet sanding: Foam layer accumulate water and enables water supply for "washing-up" dust residues
  • "Soft" sanding (due to foam layer) reduces the risk of sanding through surface coatings


  • Sanding of EC-coat and primer
  • Fine sanding of clear coat layers before polishing
  • Intermediate sanding of profiled car interior parts coated with PUR lacquer
  • Sanding mineral boards like Corian®
  • Fine sanding of glass fibre-reinforced plastics and acrylic lacquer
  • Fine sanding of stainless steel panels before polishing