STAY-PUT SPH Contact Spray Adhesive - 500ml Aerosol CHLORINATED

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STAY-PUT SPH Contact Spray Adhesive has superior bond strength properties and exceptional tack, making this product an excellent choice for most permanent adhesive applications. This adhesive has high shear strength, heat/UV stability, water resistance, fast drying and a long working time. The aerosol package offers an adjustable web spray pattern for controlled distribution with 100% transfer efficiency of the adhesive to the substrate. This adhesive is specifically designed for bonding high-pressure laminate to various substrates. The adhesives pressure sensitive qualities make the product suitable for a variety of industrial applications including; manufactured housing, general construction, RV/caravan, marine, woodworking, furniture, textile, HVAC, and, the upholstery industries. It can be used on porous and many non-porous surfaces. For permanent results, spray both surfaces.

STAY-PUT SPH Contact Adhesive is available in either Chlorinated or Non-Chlorinated. Both formulations perform exactly the same job, however, the chlorinated solvents flash off faster than non-chlorinated and therefore can be applied more quickly, where time is key.  As a result of the quick flashing off time, the smell of solvent isn't as noticeable . The perception is that the chlorinated formulation performs better.... however, it is only faster.  MORE TIME SHOULD BE GIVEN FOR THE DRYING OF THE NON CHLORINATED.